D3O® LITE Craftsmen Kneepads

D3O® Lite Craftsmen Kneepads


Kneepads offering advanced knee protection during work that involves frequent kneeling. Designed to reduce strain during everyday use, the D3O® LITE material provides impact protection, ventilation and a lightweight construction.

Sand - 1400
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) directive (89/686 EEC). Individual classification are found in each garment., EN 14404 - KNEE PROTECTION

High-tech kneepads featuring advanced knee protection with enhanced impact protection. Boasting an EN 14404 Type 2 Level 1 rating, the pads have been specifically designed for frequent kneeling in mob...

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EN 14404 Type 2 Level 1 knee protection

D3O® LITE material for enhanced impact protection

Ergonomic design for ventilation and stability

Curved, lightweight design

Durable and long-lasting design

CE Certification:
EN 14404 - Knee protection
Men, Women
Family Collection:
Garment Type:
CE category Category II
EN 14404 - Knee Protection Type 2, Level 1

100% polyolefin polymer blend.

33.04 EUR

Material CoBranding:
D3O® has patented a unique polymer composite that contains a chemically engineered dilatant so that it functions as an energy absorber. The material’s molecules flow freely in standard conditions, but on impact, they lock together to absorb and disperse energy, before instantly returning to their flexible state. This unique characteristic provides enhanced protection, while providing a versatile and flexible material that can be manufactured for a host of impact protective applications. Note: D3O® does not ”go hard”.
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