ProtecWork, Wool Headwear

Wool Headwear


As neck, face and head are particularly exposed parts of the body in the case of an accident, make sure to wear this multifunctional headwear. It can be used in many different ways, as a hat, pull it up over your face and ears or protect your throat and neck. In addition, it’s a great accessory for a quick and easy adjustment to rapid weather changes. Made of soft wool and flame-retardant viscose that offer both protection and great comfort.

Black - 0400
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) directive (89/686 EEC). Individual classification are found in each garment., EN ISO 14116:2015, EN 1149-5  - PROTECTIVE CLOTHING ELECTROSTATIC PROPERTIES

Made of flame-retardant and electric arc-certified fabric

Soft and comfortable

Multifunctional headwear

CE Certification:
EN 14116 - Protective clothing against flame, EN 1149-5  - Protective clothing electrostatic properties
Men, Women
Family Collection:
Garment Type:
Caps & Headwear
CE category Category II
EN ISO 14116 - Protective Clothing Against Flame Index 3
EN 1149-5  - Protective Clothing Electrostatic Properties Approved

49% wool, 49% viscose, 2% Belltron™, 210 g/m2.

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